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Welcome to Wind Turbine Alternator

As part one the UK’s leading wind turbine alternator suppliers, we specialise in the supply of wind power alternators and couplings across the globe.


All of our wind turbine alternators are assured and comply with British / International standards. With ISO9001 certification, you can be assured that the products are manufactured to the highest standards.


We have supplied wind power alternators across public and private sector organisations across the globe and as well as the U.K. home consumer market that are now recognising the cost saving benefits of harnessing wind power for the home.


Wind Power Alternator Suppliers, part of Diamond Industrial Ltd, has over 30 years experience in engineering projects and over a decade of experience in the supply of wind turbine alternators and generators. Diamond understands that different industries have different needs and our extensive experience means that we can offer the right products and services in any environment.A s part of Diamond Industrial Ltd, we are also able to offer highly competitive prices as well as a 12 month product guarantee on all wind power alternators / wind turbine generators.


Our low prices coupled with our high quality products and customer service makes us the choice provider for wind power alternators / wind turbine generators. Whether it is commercial wind turbine alternators or residential or just for friendly advise please call us on +44 (0)151 343 1191 to discuss your needs, or use our quick contact form.